1. Update mockito / byte-buddy (details)
Commit 99e08859aad5ecef7d36b3192009fc688e6d2520 by 39652002+icklesteve
Update mockito / byte-buddy

mockito from 3.4.0 to 3.5.11
byte-buddy from 1.10.5 to 1.10.14
Also adds byte-buddy-agent to build.xml and pom.xml
The file was addedlib/byte-buddy-agent-1.10.14.jar
The file was modifiedbuild.xml (diff)
The file was addedlib/mockito-core-3.5.11.jar
The file was modifiedpom.xml (diff)
The file was removedlib/mockito-inline-3.4.0.jar
The file was addedlib/mockito-junit-jupiter-3.5.11.jar
The file was removedlib/byte-buddy-1.10.5.jar
The file was addedlib/mockito-inline-3.5.11.jar
The file was addedlib/byte-buddy-1.10.14.jar
The file was removedlib/mockito-core-3.4.0.jar
The file was removedlib/mockito-junit-jupiter-3.4.0.jar
The file was removedlib/byte-buddy-agent-1.10.5.jar