1. update decoder index (details)
  2. start for 4.19.7 release note (details)
  3. JavaHelp indexing update (details)
  4. for 4.19.6 (details)
  5. 'update to value for next release' (details)
  6. for next release 4.19.7 (details)
The file was modifiedxml/decoderIndex.xml (diff)
Commit 92719adce04ee850bc367d0c677cdc87eea726d1 by Bob Jacobsen
start for 4.19.7 release note
The file was modifiedhelp/en/releasenotes/current-draft-warnings.shtml (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/releasenotes/current-draft-note.shtml (diff)
Commit aafb3d930fb7b2d41f1109524994540d96f89f7c by Bob Jacobsen
JavaHelp indexing update
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/TMAP (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/POSITIONS (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/Map.jhm (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/DOCS.TAB (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/SCHEMA (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/DOCS (diff)
The file was modifiedhelp/en/JavaHelpSearch/OFFSETS (diff)
The file was modifiedscripts/ (diff)
Commit 81ad38ac247505a19a83d89af7802b0bd3ae9228 by Bob Jacobsen
'update to value for next release'
The file was (diff)
Commit 6c1d0f46818713a80d46f27d9e7da23d4f03cc29 by Bob Jacobsen
for next release 4.19.7
The file was modifiedpom.xml (diff)